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  • A couple of weeks have passed since our stay with you, but we keep thinking about our incredible experience as your guests. There were plenty of things that we enjoyed about your hotel. The large comfortable beds, clean rooms, central location, onsite restaurant, southwestern décor, and happy hour balcony overlooking the town square just to name a few.
    While the accommodations at your hotel were more than sufficient, the people that work there truly set you apart.

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    Tyler, C -

    Super experience to stay in this beautiful hotel. Arriving at this nice little town in scenic countryside. Located just off the square and looks beautiful in the city. Location, room, food and staff were all top class.

    Thambo -

  • Traveled solo and stayed here for 42 nights. I felt very comfortable, safe and welcomed. All the staff were so dear to me and so helpful. Each morning I enjoyed and looked forward to the delicious breakfast to start my day. The surrounding mountains are simply incredible. This is a beautiful little valley with beautiful people.

    Marijka, M -

    The staff are incredibly kind and helpful and the rooms are a haven after trekking through the Sacred Valley

    monte - 103

  • Stopped here for lunch and it was lovely respite from everything that was going on the square. The quinoa vegetable soup is incredible and the lamb with beans and rice was also incredible. Service was unhurried and yet very helpful and attentive. Great stop

    ThatchersBiscuit -

    I have stayed at the Pisac Inn several times over the years, and from the first visit on was always made to feel like I was in a home away from home. The rooms are charming and equipped with hot showers with real water pressure (a treat in this area!), beautiful bed linens, comforters and indigenous blankets to keep you warm on the chilly mountain nights.

    Ann - Double Room


  • About Pisac By / 10th October, 2015

    Pisac is a small town nestled in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, just 45 minutes outside of Cusco.

    About Cusco By / 30th April, 2015

    Welcome to Cusco!

    Cusco means “the navel of the world” in our ancestral language Quechua, or Runasimi.

  • About Peru By / 30th April, 2015

    History and Politics – There were several prominent Andean cultures in Ancient Peru; Mochica, and Chimu in the north, Tiahuanaco, Wari and Paracas i

    Sacred Valley of the Incas By / 30th April, 2015

    The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a stunning and historic valley that was inhabited by the Runas, human beings in Quechua, of the *Tahuantinsuyo (Inca

  • Useful Links By / 30th April, 2015

    Below are a list or resources that provide extra information when traveling through Peru.

    Directions: How to Get to Pisac From Surrounding Cities By / 21st November, 2015

    How to get to Pisac:
    From Cusco:

    Download Printable Directions:

    45 minutes, 28 km on a two-way, paved road with spectacular views of the Andes and

  • Directions: How to Get From Pisac to Surrounding Cities By / 21st November, 2015

    How to get from Pisac:
    To Cusco:
    45 minutes, 28 km on a two-way, paved road with spectacular views of the Andes and Sacred Valley, be prepared for win

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