The richness of the Peruvian gastronomic culture expressed in the gourmet restaurant “Cuchara de Palo”

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Traditional place in Pisac with the best gourmet food prepared by expert chefs in the art of the cultural gastronomy, with the richest cultural flavor rooted in every detail that communicates more than 5000 years of Andean culinary cuisine.

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Unucha Spa: much more than a place of relaxation; tradition, charm and pure experience with nature

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The best therapies and treatments for the body are in a magical place, that is one of the services  offered by Pisac Inn, in the town of Pisac, with an expert in the art of relaxation that provides a quality service.

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APU Runawana: traditional weavers Association promoted by Kawsaypaq

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The active participation and inclusion of the weaver culture driven by the tourist project Kawsaypaq in conjunction with Amaru community, inspired by the practice of good living “Sumak Kawsay“.

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Pisac Inn and their community projects improving the quality of life in Pisac

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For more than 19 years the owners of a boutique hotel in Pisac have worked in several community projects in conjunction with the people of the area that, over the years, have increased the opportunities of life in the city.

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