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Pisac Inn has an exceptional restaurant named Cuchara de Palo, The Wooden Spoon. It is located in the hotel, open from 7:30 am – 11 am for breakfast, and from noon to 8:30pm for lunch and dinner for our hotel guests, and also for guests not staying at Pisac Inn. Cuchara de Palo celebrates the wealth of Peruvian Cuisine, and is dedicated to organic, locally grown and fresh ingredients; inspired by the beautiful array of native Andean produce.
Our chef offers traditional Peruvian, creative Novo Andean and international dishes.
Peru’s ancient agrarian tradition resulted in an abundant diversity of products, flavors, colors and aromas that have won special recognition for Peruvian Culinary Art as one of the most exquisite and sophisticated of the planet. You can also enjoy Pisac Inn’s sidewalk café and upstairs balcony, and do not miss the Pisco Sour– one of our specialties! Thin crust Italian style pizza prepared in our wood-burning oven is served with previous notice. There are a wide variety of restaurants in Pisac for those who prefer to dine outside of Pisac Inn.

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