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What makes Unucha Spa unique?

Here are few things we have thought of to help you better understand our distinct spa concept, and how to be prepared.

Unucha Spa is exclusive
Unucha offers a personalized and intimate space for each reservation. Reservations do not overlap, ensuring that each guest has exclusive use of the space. This affords privacy and security for each treatment offered at Unucha Spa.
We ask that you not bring guests that are not receiving a treatment, and remind you that once your treatment is over, we need to prepare the space for the next reservation, and in this way ensure that each guest receives the same exclusive, private experience./em>


Unucha Spa is natural
Unucha is an outdoor open-air spa, with spectacular views in a natural setting, providing a gentle space that allows one to connect to oneself and to nature. We use organic massage oil, and prepare each treatment with plants locally and sustainably harvested in the moment.
Please note that only the massage room and sauna are fully enclosed; we recommend bringing warm clothes fro after treatments.


Unucha Spa is enchanting
Unucha Spa is small and charming, providing a quality experience. Please understand that our facility can only accommodate a few reservations per day. We highly recommend making a reservation far in advance to assure that you are able to get a reservation. Oftentimes we are fully booked.
Part of the charm of being in a small town in the Andes comes with several factors that may prevent us from being able to take a reservation, and sometimes we may even have to cancel a reservation in the event of loss of electricity, problems with water systems, and any numbers of unforeseen events. We thank you for your understanding. We will always reimburse your money if we are unable to attend a confirmed reservation.

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