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The climate varies dramatically depending upon whether you are in the Andes, on the coast or in the rainforest. In the high elevation Andes layers are key as the temperature shifts radically, and it gets VERY COLD the minute the sun goes down or clouds roll in. Comfort is the rule and fancy clothes are not necessary. Just about anything you forget is now available in Peru, so no worries!

Travelers can visit Peru any time of the year. Dry season runs from May to November and this is typically the time that is most recommended. However, this is also the cooler time of year, with nighttime temperatures dropping to below freezing. The high season is June, July and August and are the most popular months to visit so you will encounter much larger crowds during these months. The wet season is from December to April, and you can expect showers three to four afternoons a week. For travelers that don’t mind rain and muddy trails, this time of year offers smaller crowds and greener hillsides, with wildflowers and orchids often in bloom. The shoulder seasons, April to June or September to November can often provide the best of both worlds. They typically have fewer crowds and warmer temperatures than the height of the dry season, but still tend to have relatively little rain.

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