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Cusco and the Sacred Valley offer several transportation options. It depends on what level of service you have in mind, and each option has its benefits. There are comfortable, private, tourist level cars, vans and buses that will have a much higher cost, and will need to be reserved before arrival. This service level is the most safe, reliable and flexible with extremely attentive service from your personal driver. You can leave your belongings in the vehicle, stop when you need to, and move at your preferred pace.
The local taxis are a middle range option, and are also generally safe, reliable, friendly and flexible. This service can be arranged upon arrival with the assistance of our staff. You can also make your own arrangements directly with local taxis if you prefer.
There are also many public buses readily available with no schedule. This is the most inexpensive transportation mode, but it is quite crowded, will not stop for photos, slow down or attend to any personal needs.
Local motor taxis are an easy way to get around Pisac and the area.

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