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About Us

Pisac Inn is a local family business with committed and experienced staff whose vision is to celebrate the warmth and beauty of the ancient living culture of the Andes. We want our guests to disconnect and immerse themselves in this unmistakable reality.

The Peruvian brothers Coco and Roman Vizcarra traveled through Europe and lived there for many years. With his wives, Barbara from Germany and Fielding from the United States, they opened the hotel in 1993.

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Román and Fielding live full-time in Peru and are dedicated to promoting the Kusi Kawsay Escuela Andina y otros and other cultural projects through the Pachamama’s Path association. They also offer authentic cultural immersion trips through their Peru Cultural Journeys travel agency. To learn more about her story, click here.

Coco and Barbara live half the time in Germany and the other half in Peru. They promote cultural projects through the Intipunku association and operate their German travel company Inkareisen, which offers unique packages that highlight the heart of the Andes, as well as other important destinations in Peru and South America.

A special destination


Many guests stay several nights at the hotel as a base to explore the area. The town of Pisac has a lot to see and do; from here you can quickly access Cusco, the sacred valley and even Machu Picchu with day trips. You can explore these areas on your own or we can put you in touch with local guides and taxis upon arrival at the airport. If what you are looking for is an all-inclusive cultural immersion with all the carefully planned details that allows you to immerse yourself in the depth of the Andean culture, we have an Auténtica Experiencia Andina: the emblematic program of Peru Cultural Journeys. Our specialized guides, our personalized attention and the first-hand indigenous vision will open the doors to a world that you could not see otherwise.

We also have other excursion options that vary a little from the emblematic program and that focus on special interests. These excursions deepen the cultural immersion to an experiential level; you will be able to participate in cooking, weaving, music and astronomical observation activities.

Pisac Inn is a local meeting point that promotes various cultural projects. For example, you can witness a spontaneous musical presentation or listen to a talk about the Kusi Kawsay Andean school. Many guests share this vision of celebrating, promoting and honoring the traditional life of the Andes. We invite you to be part of this commitment.