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Unucha Spa – Water in Quechua

Unucha Spa offers unique water treatments and massage therapy in an exclusive, natural and enchanting ambience.

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CA myriad of medicinal plants used since ancient times, the presence of purification baths in sacred Inca sites, and the abundance of natural hot springs in the Andes are the ancestral legacy of a pre-Columbian healing tradition.

We use local plants sourced from their wild habitat and 100% organic massage oil.


20140411-8177Herbal baths

The outdoor baths prepared with aromatic and medicinal herbs are an elixir for the body, providing a deep relaxation that reaches the spiritual plane.
Master plants such as brugmansia, datura, coca, and sage combined with lime leaves, walnut, red pepper, malva, wild roses and others permeate with their healing properties, neutralizing emotional stress.

Duration: one hour maximum

Maximum capacity: 2 people at a time

Full Body Massage

The excellence and expertise of our masseuse will harmonize your meridians during a shiatsu style massage that provides deep relaxation and a peaceful integration with tellurian Andean power.

Duration: 60 minutes

Maximum capacity: one person at a time


Sauna with hot rocks

Drop water on the hot volcanic rocks at your discretion, and deeply inhale the steam lightly scented with herbs. Ideal for a deep cleansing and detoxification that releases tensions. Emerge relaxed and refreshed after this reinvigorating, purifying, and restorative sauna.

Duration: 30 minutes

Maximum capacity: 5 people at a time


This additional treatment inside the sauna uses natural salt harvested from the Maras Inca salt mines combined with fresh rosemary. It removes dry and dull skin leaving a softer, smoother texture, and rids your body of impurities. Activate your circulation, metabolism, and memory with a profound exfoliation and tonification.

Duration: sauna 30 minutes, exfoliation 10 minutes

Cost: S/. 80 per person

Maximum capacity: 1 person at a time





THAK COMBO – Sauna, herbal bath and massage

Duration: 2 ½ hours maximum (sauna 30 minutes, herbal bath one hour, massage one hour)

Maximum capacity: two people (sauna at same time, then one in herbal bath while other in massage)


UNUCHA COMBO – Herbal bath and massage

Duration: 2 hours maximum (herbal bath one hour, massage one hour)

Maximum capacity: two people (one in herbal bath while other in massage)


Q’OÑICHA COMBO – Sauna with exfoliation and herbal bath

Duration: 1 ½ hour maximum (sauna 30 minutes, herbal bath one hour)

Maximum capacity: two people (sauna & herbal bath at same time)

Packages cannot be combined with any other offer or special.



Reservations and payment must be made at Pisac Inn.

Unucha Spa attends only on a reservation basis. We suggest booking your spa treatment in advance to secure availability. We accommodate last minute reservations, when possible, with a minimum 3 hour notice required.

Payment must be made 48 hours ahead of treatment to secure reservation.

Tips are greatly appreciated, please give directly to treatment provider at Unucha Spa.

Special requests will be attended when possible and may require additional fees.

T: (011 51 84) 956 292 201

T: (011 51 84) 956 292 208



10 am – 7 pm Monday – Saturday

Special exceptions are possible with prior arrangement and extra charge.



Unucha Spa is located five minutes from Pisac in the small town of Taray.

We can help make transportation arrangements; cost not included.



There will be a 30% charge for cancellations or changes.  No shows 100% charge.


Bathing suit, sandals, and something warm to wear after the treatment.

Towel, robe, and shower amenities provided. Please do not bring valuables.


Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled treatment.

Please be punctual so we can respect reservations that follow your treatment. If you are late the duration of your treatment will be reduced accordingly and your treatment may not be complete.

Unucha Spa is open-air. Only the massage room and sauna are fully enclosed.

Packages cannot be combined with any other offer or special.

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Taxes and gratuities are additional.


If you are pregnant or have health problems, please consult your healthcare professional before your treatment. The use of the spa is at your own risk and responsibility. Herbal baths might discolor some jewelry or stain some fabrics.  Unucha Spa will not be responsible for injury, or damage or loss of personal belongings. Pets are not allowed.