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All our products are 100% organic, most of which are collected in their natural habitat.

The Unucha Spa offers unique water treatments and massage therapy in an exclusive, private and charming atmosphere.

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Countless medicinal plants used since ancient times, the presence of purification baths in sacred Inca sites and the abundance of hot springs in the Andes are the ancestral legacy of a pre-Columbian healing tradition. The Unucha Spa continues this ancestral knowledge by offering the following treatments.


20140411-8177Herbal baths

The outdoor baths prepared with aromatic and medicinal herbs are an elixir for the body and give a deep relaxation that reaches the spiritual plane. Master plants such as brugmansias, daturas, coca and sage, combined with lemon leaves, walnut, pepper, mallow, wild roses and others penetrate the skin with their healing properties neutralizing emotional stress.

Duration: 1 hour maximum

Cost: S/.90 per person

Maximum capacity: 2 people at the same time

Full Body Massage

Let the experience and excellence of our masseuse harmonize your meridians with a shiatsu type massage that gives you a deep relaxation and a peaceful integration with the earthly Andean power.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: S/.160 per person

Maximum capacity: 1 person at a time


Sauna with hot rocks

Our sauna, inspired by the sweat tent, uses hot volcanic rocks, so that when pouring water at your discretion you can enjoy the steam emanating from them. By inhaling a few drops of eucalyptus or wild mint essential oil, the air will reach your lungs like never before.

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: S/.50 for one person, S/.35 per person for 2, S/.30 per person for 3-5

Maximum capacity: 5 people at the same time


It is an additional treatment inside the sauna with pre-Columbian Maras salt that will activate the circulation by toning and exfoliating.

Duration: sauna 30 minutes, exfoliation 10 minutes

Cost: S/.80 per person

Maximum capacity: 1 person at a time


Outdoor jacuzzi

Enjoy incredible views of the majestic mountains while receiving a whirlpool.

Duration: 2 hours maximum

Cost: S/.200 from 1 to 3 people, S/.50 for each additional person

Maximum capacity: 6 people at the same time

Please give at least 4 hours notice.



THAK COMBO – Sauna, herbal bath and massage

Duration: 2 h 30 min maximum (sauna 30 min, bath 1 hour, massage 1 hour)

Cost: S/.255 per person

Maximum capacity: people (sauna at the same time, then 1 person in the bathroom while the other is in the massage)


UNUCHA COMBO – Herbal bath and massage

Duration: 2 hours maximum (bath 1 hour, massage 1 hour)

Cost: S/.255 per person

Maximum capacity: 2 people (one in the bathroom while the other is in the massage)


Q’OÑICHA COMBO – Sauna with exfoliation and herbal bath

Duration: 1 h 30 min maximum (sauna 30 min, bath 1 hour)

Cost: S/.155 per person

Maximum capacity: 2 people (sauna and herbal bath at the same time)
Hydrate with a complimentary detoxifying herbal tea while enjoying your treatment.




Reservations and payments are made at Pisac Inn.

The Unucha spa caters only by reservation. Book early to ensure availability; we accept last minute reservations with a minimum of 2 hours in advance and 4 hours for the jacuzzi. Please leave a tip at the spa.

We take special orders when possible (additional fees apply).

Tel: (084) 203062



The Unucha Spa is 5 minutes from Pisac in the village of Taray. We can arrange transportation (cost not included).



10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (exceptions are made with prior notice and at an extra cost)


In case of cancellation or change, a 30% charge applies. 100% no-show charge.


Water to drink, bathing clothes, sandals and something warm to put on after the treatment. The spa provides a towel, bathrobe, toiletries and herbal tea. Do not bring valuable objects.


If you arrive late, your spa treatment will take less time, as it will end at the scheduled time in order to respect the following reservations.

The Unucha spa is outdoors; only the massage room and sauna are in an enclosed space. The services of all packages must be booked before arrival to ensure availability. Taxes and gratuities are additional. Packages cannot be combined with other special offers or services. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Disclaimer of liability

Hot water and sudden changes in temperature can be stressful for your body. If you are pregnant or have health problems, consult with your doctor before your treatment. The use of the spa is at your own risk and responsibility. Herbal baths can discolor some jewelry or stain some fabrics. The Unucha Spa will not be responsible for damage or loss of personal belongings. Pets are not allowed.

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