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By the Association of Weavers Apu Runawana

Native community of Amaru

Experience the ancient culture and living nature

This hike is the perfect combination of spectacular landscapes and an authentic cultural interaction. Experience the pristine natural beauty of this remote area of the Andes by visiting the sacred lakes. Enjoy vast and breathtaking views, but above all be part of an authentic opportunity to interact with the locals, who preserve their ancestral lifestyle and their worldview in their native Andean community.

“This hike is ideal for those who want to visit an area rarely visited by tourists, surrounded only by nature. Amaru, located in the remote highlands of Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, offers a short hike that combines an authentic cultural experience very close to Cusco. Perceive the land through the eyes of a native Quechua and get to know his worldview and connection with the mountains and sacred lakes that surround him. A walk with a deep cultural content. A very rare opportunity”

Day 1: Amaru, Maraway Lagoon, Limancocha

Departure from Pisac Inn at 8 a.m. Enjoy a 45-minute drive to the majestic Andes. Arrival to the native community of Amaru where a genuinely authentic lifestyle is practiced until today and where you will be received by members of the community who consciously preserve their ancestral legacy. After meeting the support team, start the 4-hour walk through the corn, potato and bean plots until you reach the Maraway Lagoon. Enjoy lunch and continue the hike for about 2 hours until you reach Lake Limancocha. Here we will set up camp and enjoy dinner under the starry sky. Enjoy an evening stargazing and listening to the interesting local stories to begin to understand the interconnectedness and the sacredness of this territory. Meals included: lunch, dinner.

Day 2: Isku Isku, Pukara, Amaru Cultural Center

After early breakfast, start a walk of about 5 hours to Isku Isku and then to the cultural center of the Association of Weavers Apu Runawana. During the walk, learn about medicinal plants and their uses, and identify flowers, roots and plants for natural dyes. By participating in a community work day, a beautiful cultural exchange develops by experiencing this incredible opportunity to go back in time and appreciate a quality of life of admirable simplicity that is strongly emotional and profound. Enjoy a traditional lunch prepared with precious agricultural products from their fields, while the women start spinning their naturally dyed wools; others thoughtfully set up their looms to share their ancestral skills with us. This wonderful opportunity to purchase textiles directly from the weavers is not to be missed. After the farewell, start the 20-minute walk back to the private transport and a 40-minute ride back to the hotel.

For information about the price and availability please contáct us.

What does it include::

  • Private tourist transport from Pisac to Amaru and back to Pisac
  • Professional guide in English
  • Specialized local guide
  • Fresh organic meals on menus that celebrate the precious Andean products (vegetarian option available)
  • Camping in rugged conditions, high altitude and intense weather conditions
  • Participation in community work day
  • Spinning and weaving demonstration
  • Special cultural events

Does Not Include

Air ticket, travel insurance, personal expenses, tips or donations, snacks or drinks not included in the meals indicated in the program.

The program provides the following:

  • Tents
  • Emergency kit
  • Riders and horses (to transport tents, food, cooking utensils and some belongings of the passenger)
  • Hot water every morning and evening for hygiene purposes, boiled water to fill your bottle every morning and evening (and at lunch if requested well in advance)

We recommend bringing the following:

  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Walking sticks (if you prefer)
  • Clothes for variable temperatures (clothes for drastic temperature changes, especially cold at night)
  • Suitable raincoats
  • Sturdy footwear, ideally sports or hiking shoes
  • Snack: energy bars, chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc.
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Metal water bottle to fill with boiled water (plastic is not recommended because the water will be hot).
  • Toilet paper, wet wipes, tissues.
  • Camera, rolls and batteries (batteries are consumed more quickly in cold conditions).
  • Hat to protect from the sun, rain and cold
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Personal medicines
  • A copy of your passport
  • Cash for tips, textiles, etc. (soles and dollars)

Altitude: approximately 12,500 ft.

Description: High altitude hike that requires strenuous physical effort. Not recommended for people who have difficulty walking at height. Limited availability. There is no daily schedule. It is not done on a daily basis. It is absolutely necessary to coordinate in advance.

Recommendations: Bring clothes suitable for drastic temperature changes; be prepared for extreme sun, extreme cold and rain. Bring sunscreen, sun hat and plenty of water to drink. Be prepared for an authentic cultural immersion; come with respect and open-mindedness as a guest to a sacred ancestral culture.

Note: Photos are welcome. It is not necessary to tip for photos in the community. The photos may not be used for commercial or profit purposes without the consent of the community members. You can bring healthy snacks (e.g. fruit, nuts, etc.) or gifts designed to be shared, although it is not necessary. Please do not bring sweets, chewing gum or money for the community. If you would like to give something that makes a difference, please see how to make a donation to support the cultural center events and the projects of the Apu Runawana association.

Haggling: The textile exhibition is a great opportunity to acquire these products. Purchase these exquisite textiles as a token of appreciation and support, but we suggest not to haggle when purchasing these unique handmade products. We have suggested to the community members to offer their artworks at fair trade prices that honor the time, energy and knowledge that they invest in each piece. We think that this is an opportunity for travelers to put into practice respect, reciprocity and solidarity with this ancient culture full of deep values and teachings that preserve and enrich our lives. You purchase each textile directly from the weaver and we assure you that it will have a deep meaning and will be a special memory of your trip to Peru.