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A visit to Kusi Kawsay School, an exceptional educational social project, enriches your Peru experience while supporting a valuable initiative that is making a difference in the world. After learning about the unique vision of Kusi Kawsay that combines Waldorf Pedagogy with Andean tradition, delight in the beautiful school grounds, dedicated teachers and happy children. Please email Kusi Kawsay for details on exciting programs you can participate in:

Special notes:

  • Visitors must make prior arrangements to go to the school, and must be accompanied by a school representative. You will be asked to register upon entry. Please understand that unannounced visitors will not be attended.
  • We can only attend visitors if someone is available to accompany and if school programs will not be interrupted.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel a scheduled visit.
  • The school is open from 8:15 am – 1:35 pm M-F, from early March – mid December.  The mid year break is end of July – beginning Aug, with other short breaks throughout the school year. We may not be able to receive visitors during breaks, special school events and outings. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please ask permission to take photographs/video when you arrive to the school, and if granted permission, please be respectful and remember that photographs/video cannot be used for commercial use or for financial gain under any circumstances without consent of the school board of directors.
  • Gifts/snacks are not expected, however are welcome and appreciated. If you have gifts/snacks to share with the school community, please make arrangements ahead of time. We ask that you do not give any gifts/snacks directly to any children. You may leave your gifts/snacks in the school office, and the teachers and school board will determine how and when to distribute the gifts evenly and fairly among the student body, and they will be told who brought them. We suggest that you bring healthy snacks such as fruit; trail mix etc., or thoughtful, natural gifts that are in keeping with the spirit of Kusi Kawsay. Please do not bring candy, gum, or money to hand out to the students.
  • If you feel moved to make a gift that will make a difference, please ask about making a donation to support specific programs and events, or consider supporting the Ayni Scholarship Fund.
  • Visitors may not interrupt classes and/or any school activities, or interact with the students unless invited to do so by a teacher.
  • Kusi Kawsay holds the right to ask any visitor to leave when their presence feels inappropriate, distracting or causes disturbance so as to protect the environment for the students and teachers. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.