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Eco-friendly, responsible and conscious travel

Exclusive day trips for Pisac Inn guests with a professional Andean guide who speaks English. Explore Peru from an authentic indigenous perspective based on Inca astronomical knowledge, mathematics and research of the communities that preserve their ancestral culture to this day.


Enjoy private excursions with personalized attention complemented by an in-depth explanation of the Andean world that presents a rich historical context, as well as a review of the present that will allow you to have a complete experience.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive trip specially designed for a sophisticated cultural immersion, we have a program that is an authentic Andean experience. We design every day carefully and creatively combining culinary exploration (perfect for lovers of the gastronomic world!) with the ancient sites, special events of traditional music and dances and a visit to an indigenous community.

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We are dedicated to protecting and promoting the Andean legacy by sustaining traditional culture.