Las Kallampas (Setas) – Wild Mushrooms

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Wild Mushrooms

These wild mushrooms grow after thunderstorms. It is curious that where the lightning bolts strike, the kallampas grow in lines like lightening tracks, just there. Women and children gather them as a delicacy from the skies. They cook them in different ways. One of the most traditional forms is mushroom Kapchi, the Kapchi de Setas, as the kallampitas are also known. They are not only delicious, but because of their origin they have in their being a bit of lightning energy and the intensity of the storm. The indescribable flavor transports us to the highest plains of the Andes. With veneration we nourish ourselves with the kallampas only found this time of year, the rainy season.

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The Peruvian ceviche and the history that made it a Cultural Patrimony of the Nation

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Seviche, ceviche or ceviche, is perhaps one of the most recognized typical dishes that Peru has; and although its origins are still unknown and disputed by others, it is a culinary delight that has been prepared for many years, making it a representative of Peruvian food.

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The folklore and traditional culture of Peru reflected in Andean music

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From before the Inca’s time the famous wind instruments (aerophones) are known for their important role in the events that marked a culture deeply rooted in their customs, from the ancient civilizations to the current era, this being a relevant milestone when dealing with of how Peruvian society is shaped.

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The mystery of the geoglyphs of Peru located in the Nasca desert

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Very few are those who know these spectacular figures drawn in the middle of the desert, in the openness; and although some can only be observed clearly from the air, since they can cover up to 300 m; they represent a cultural and historical icon, typical of Peru, and even more for its enigmatic forms.

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