The Peruvian ceviche and the history that made it a Cultural Patrimony of the Nation

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Seviche, ceviche or ceviche, is perhaps one of the most recognized typical dishes that Peru has; and although its origins are still unknown and disputed by others, it is a culinary delight that has been prepared for many years, making it a representative of Peruvian food.

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The folklore and traditional culture of Peru reflected in Andean music

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From before the Inca’s time the famous wind instruments (aerophones) are known for their important role in the events that marked a culture deeply rooted in their customs, from the ancient civilizations to the current era, this being a relevant milestone when dealing with of how Peruvian society is shaped.

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The mystery of the geoglyphs of Peru located in the Nasca desert

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Very few are those who know these spectacular figures drawn in the middle of the desert, in the openness; and although some can only be observed clearly from the air, since they can cover up to 300 m; they represent a cultural and historical icon, typical of Peru, and even more for its enigmatic forms.

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The Amazon River in Peru and how it became part of one of the 7 wonders of the world

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Considered the longest and largest river in the world, the Amazon not only houses a large amount of liquid source that flows into the Atlantic sea, with a contribution of up to 170 thousand meters per second; but, it is  a habitat and sustenance for an infinity of species that coexist around it, of which human beings are also included.

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