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Kawsaypaq means “for life” in Quechua


Sustainability is a way of life for Kawsaypaq, inspired by the spirit of the ancestral Andean culture. We are wholeheartedly committed to ecological, responsible and conscientious tourism, and we are dedicated to protecting and promoting the Andean heritage by supporting the traditional culture in danger.

Kawsaypaq practices the concept of Sumaq Kawsay, good living, and in all our activities we promote respect and reciprocity (ayni), fundamental pillars of Andean culture that ensure good living.

These pillars are the heart and the common thread that runs through our business, our cultural projects and the entire network that we cultivate, connecting all the parties involved with a deep level of participation and commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Understanding that everything is interconnected and interrelated, that everything is alive, helps to foster the balance that ensures a high quality and level of social and environmental responsibility that the world seeks.

Roman and Fielding are founders and active members of the Kusi Kawsay Association and are directly involved in the projects::

  • Kusi Kawsay School is an educational project that provides a dignified and respectful education, rooted in indigenous traditions and Andean cultural identity. Through Kawsaypaq College extends its impact on local consciousness with the values imparted to future generations to ensure that human beings live in balance with their environment.
  • Kawsaypaq promotes cultural programs through Ñawpa Ñan for the preservation, defense and strengthening of indigenous peoples and traditions at the local, national and international levels.
  • Kawsaypaq directly promotes and supports the Kusi Ñan organic farm, a project of young local entrepreneurs who practice their traditional agriculture.

Also as founders of Pachamama’s Path, a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, they promote the projects of the Kusi Kawsay Association in Peru.

As advisors of the Apu Runawana Association of the Amaru community, Kawsaypaq has an important role and impact in guiding and promoting the development of the weaving society, its products, programs, and events, focusing on authenticity and empowering members who maintain their traditional way of life.

Find out more about the projects here.

Through Kawsaypaq’s services and projects, we sustain the achievements of an ancient culture that promotes diversity and the balance of life. Kawsaypaq opens the doors to experience the authentic ancient Andean culture. Come be a part of this experience ~ for life!