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How to get to Pisac:

Pisac Inn offers airport pickup services you can request  at time of booking or by contacting us directly:

From Cusco:

Download Printable Directions:

45 minutes, 28 km on a two-way, paved road with spectacular views of the Andes and Sacred Valley, be prepared for windy curves.

By taxi: If you want to travel in greater comfort we recommend a taxi so you can take your time, stop to take photos and admire the lookouts. Pisac Inn is happy to organize a taxi service that is safe, reliable, friendly and flexible. Please contact us for fares. Or you can ask your hotel to organize a taxi to take you to Pisac; prices vary according to hotels. If you pick up a taxi on the street, make sure it’s a licensed taxi. Fares should be between S/.50 – S/.60 (Approx. US$17.85 – US$21.50). Pisac Inn arranges transportation services to the surrounding area that can be arranged with the front desk upon arrival to Pisac Inn or ahead of time to assure availability.

By colectivo: Another option is taking the colectivo (a mini-bus service) to Pisac from the top of Puputi Street in Cusco. Fares approx. S/.4 (Approx. US$1.50.) There is another colectivo service across the road that goes to Calca and can also drop you off in Pisac but it costs slightly more at S/.6 (Approx. US$2.15). There is no schedule, they leave when full, which is around every 15 minutes. They generally run from around 5 am – 8 pm. This is less expensive, but note that the colectivo will not stop for photos, slow down or attend to any personal needs.
From the Cusco airport you would catch a taxi to the colectivo to Pisac.

By bus: There are also public buses from the bus terminal, however we do not recommend taking the bus. This is the most inexpensive transportation mode (fares approx. S/.2.50 , approx. US$1.25), but it is crowded, buses are old, poorly maintained and take longer. The colectivos are safer, quicker and more comfortable that taking a bus.

Rental car: If you choose to rent a car, we suggest Hertz, Avis, and Budget as opposed to unknown companies to assure cars in good condition and adequate insurance. Driving in Peru is a distinct experience, especially in larger cities. You must be alert at all times, prepared for anything and everything. A general rule of thumb is that no one really follows the rules, or signage if there is any. People, animals, potholes are just some of the things to look out for! We think hiring a taxi with driver is more recommendable.

From Ollantaytambo or Urubamba:

If you are coming from Ollantaytambo or Urubamba, we recommend a taxi. You can also take a colectivo or bus, but you may need to change buses in Calca. Colectivos and buses generally run from 5 am – 8 pm.