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The National Geographic Organization, Nat Geo, through the National Geographic Traveler has given importance to the quality of service and  the experience that provides Peru Cultural Journeys in conjunction with their other products, recognizing this effort promotion in its prestigious magazine The Luxury Collections 2017.

The tour on the slopes of the Andes can be extensive and strenuous with several places and locations to visit; it is offered several ways of visiting and get to know the culture of Peru having many companies that are listed among the first and other not so above, but there is one in particular that runs along a different path that  differs from the others.

Peru Cultural Journeys is a family business that is born from the heart of an idea with a unique approach and that stands out  from  the simple or the palpable, it is more than a simple tour of the Sacred Valley; an experience that has been lived  by local people and foreign that noticed and felt a true sense and connection with the communities, their life, their tradition, their daily lives.

The true experience with the culture is lived through the direct approach with the communities

The activities offered are the most complete of the sector with specialized native guides who speak several languages for a better communication with the guest, the visits that vary in days in which you can appreciate a diversity of communities neighboring the village as are the Amaru, experts in textile art; you can also make visits to the Ruins Sacred Valley or the iconic Machu Picchu.

The trips of exploration are much more than just a speech, it is the way in which the guide connects with the tourist and makes him live the reality of the journey

Kawsaypaq is the name of the business that brings together the products in this excellent company, where we will be able to find from the above-mentioned tour operator with activities that involve the coexistence, cultural exchange and to the practice of some science as it is the study of the stars known as astronomy; a gourmet restaurant, Cuchara de Palo  the best of Peruvian cuisine mixing the exquisite flavor with special recipes, using for this case the freshest ingredients coming from the same community project Kusi Nan or the organic garden, which also has the participation of the Kusi Kawsay to which they belong, as  founders and owners of Kawsaypaq.

The flavor of Peruvian cuisine is echoed throughout the world for its excellent flavor and variety


The products of organic origin contribute to the care of the environment, in Pisac all the ingredients are of organic origin

Within all of this, it is integrated a product with the cozy and charming boutique hotel Pisac Inn adorned in all its structure with paintings that celebrate the culture of the country, also expressed in their rooms and spaces for recreation; it is also pleased to mention to Unucha Spa, a place that has massage therapies, aromatic baths and sauna in volcanic rocks that explore the deep art of relaxation for the mind and body accompanied by beautiful landscapes and imposing mountains that transport the visitor to another place.

A hotel has to provide comfort and good service, in Pisac Inn our services are luxury and first quality


Unucha Spa, is a small, but cozy place that is born from the idea of ​​offering a personalized and exclusive service for each client

The well-appointed products that Kawsaypaq has, are only the entrance to the delight of what their real essence is, and it is  not only  wonderful things that may be experienced, but  to put the cherry to the cake, it highlights the quality and personalized service that undoubtedly are the basis for all good initiative.

This is why the most prestigious and renowned National Geographic organization has interested in giving an impulse to this project, which has differentiated special component that can and must be known in the world of tourism, and due to the efforts of this company in sustainable practices, care for the environment, the identity, cultural and social terms is that now Peru Cultural Journeys of the hand of Kawsaypaq, the projects listed in the magazine The Luxury Collections 2017, now available on the official website of the National Geographic Traveler.

The luxury collection, is a magazine of the National Geographic, where the most prestigious destinations and places are published

In addition, it writes an interesting article about Peru Cultural Journeys (here link) by highlighting the importance of visiting the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the experience that you can live through the products offered by this company. In this way available information which refers to our commitment to sustainable tourism, supporting our communities, giving strength to our identity, demonstrating how far can we go with our effort and sacrifice and, above all, providing a genuine experience that our customers will never forget.

We also invite you to watch the promotional video of the Kusi Kawsay sculpture, which highlights the importance of culture and the care of its traditions.

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