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The active participation and inclusion of the weaver culture driven by the tourist project Kawsaypaq in conjunction with Amaru community, inspired by the practice of good living “Sumak Kawsay“.

Amaru houses

The homes of the Amaru community are very cultural and express Andean art

The Andean culture of the Peruvian country with more than 5000 years old is, in essence, something magic and worth knowing. One of the unique experiences that we found to our delights,  as it is Pisac,  located in an area close to the ruins of Machu Picchu in where will we find many options to experience the rich culture of the place.

There are many options to travel to Pisac, but without doubt the most recommended is “Peru Cultural Jounerys “which is part of “Kawsaypaq” a family project, that In addition has a boutique-hotel “Pisac Inn” for the accommodation of those who visit the place; in which you can take a relaxing time in “Unucha Spa“, a recognized place for therapies and thermal baths; in the hotel you will find a gourmet restaurant “Cuchara de Palo“, with traditional cuisine of the area.

The package offered is the most complete, where you can opt for these options and be in confidence of the excellent quality of the service received.  In the tour, there is the option of visiting an interesting culture of weavers, very characteristic and rooted to their customs “Apu Runawana” that have preserved their tradition and passion for the Andean culture, despite the Spanish invasion in 1532.

Amaru community

The Amaru community expresses all its culture and tradition in the art of weaving

Its special commitment to preserve the cultural values has led them to be a very unique community, from its major work that is weaving with the use of wool from alpacas and sheeps, which they made beautiful designs that contain a diversity of colours and symbols That expressed all their love for life.

Tissues of Amaru community

Several of the works done by the community are exhibited so that they can be acquired by tourists

There are about 300 Amaru families who live in the Andes, 100 of which conserve their tradition  known in the village; it is considered to be a Culture in danger of extinction, so the importance of maintaining their customs alive. They are closely related to everything that surrounds them, from the animals that benefit to the way of how to educate their children.


Tradition and customs are something they have preserved over the years

This community has different costumes and celebrations for special occasions, their seeding techniques have evolved considerably, the teaching of capture in the weaves the importance  of human relations: love, protection of children, the value of nature are what make them so unique in the way they feel the life and the essential care for the preservation of a historic culture of the country. For this reason is good to know it, experience it, and appreciate it throughout the programs that “Kawsaypaq” and “Peru Cultural Journeys” offer and raise awareness in the tourist of the world around them and provide a quality experience in their lives.


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